Monday, September 14, 2015

The Real Charleston

The Citadel, Charleston, SC
SAVE THE MALES, the bumper sticker said, on the back of a crusty looking station wagon, or was it the ubiquitous SUV?

Billy and I had been visiting Charleston, and went over to the Citadel for a visit, since his son had gone there on a football scholarship.  The Citadel is the real thing, and like a West Point of the south.  You'll see the cadets in their uniforms on the streets- and they add a character to a place already loaded with it.  Add to this, the famous Spoleto festival, and you have a potent mix of history, culture, and sense of place.

via Calling It Home

This wonderful sense of place, the authentic quality, draws people like the designer Carolyne Roehm, and the image above reminded me of her- CR is someone who can make the sometimes hackneyed idea of a blue and white table setting seem new and fresh again.  That talent is one that can be learned, via years of exposure, travel, and study. 
My absolute favorite time of year to visit old Charleston, is in the Spring, when the azaleas are blooming.  Book a trip now!  Enjoy!  DF *****
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