Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering Angelo in Key West

Richard Peacon House, Eaton Street, Key West, FL
Happy Memorial day weekend!  We were recently down in Key West for the weekend, and I couldn't resist snapping some of my favorite places in Old Town.  Above, the historic Peacon House, built in 1885, at 712 Eaton Street.  Angelo Donghia bought this in 1974, and had Fred Cole restore it in 1975.  It was then published in AD.  In the early 80's Calvin Klein bought it for the then huge sum of $975,000.00  I've always admired this house.

I tried to get close in to show the historic marker in the front garden...

This is the north side of the house, love the aqua colored shutters.  I think they were painted white when Angelo lived there.  This partially octagonal house is known in the vernacular of KW buildings as a "bow front" house.  Below, some other conch houses I was intrigued by...

 If you want to visit Key West, which is only 90 miles from Cuba, I suggest staying at the Marquesa Hotel, on Fleming Street.  It's directly across from the elegant Duck and Dolphin  Antiques, one of my favorite shops in Old Town.  ENJOY!  DF *****

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