Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Barroux Model, F.P. Victoria

From House Beautiful, March 2005
One of my all time favorite chairs, the Barroux model, from trade source F.P. Victoria, New York- is shown here.  As readers of Dean Farris Style may recall, I was fortunate to work with the late Tice Alexander, a good friend and classmate- from FIT days, who previously worked as a decorator at the famed Parish-Hadley Associates...without any digression, I could probably talk about this chair, and how it relates to a certain period of my life, for HOURS!  But I don't think I have the time right now!  If you want more info on the Barroux chair, go on the site and click on bespoke, then chairs, then scroll down... the above image is from a 2005 Stephen Henderson article called "Rising From The Ashes" - which was produced by Senga Mortimer, with stunning photography by Don Freeman.  (March 2005)
After this important estate was damaged in a fire, designers Albert Hadley and Harry Heissman accepted the challenge of re-designing the house- reconfiguring some major rooms, changing fenestration, and it was also decided to switch from wood frame construction to stone.  The re-built house is now built to commercial codes, and should last forever.  Sited on 300 acres in Litchfield- the fabulous grounds were also featured in the January 2005 House Beautiful!
When Tice and I designed another estate, in Houston, Texas, we again used the barroux model- flanking the fireplace in the grand living room- where I recall windows were bricked in to allow for furniture placement on that elevation.  We also took out a stone floor and replaced it with wood.  I wish I had a picture of that room-to share with you- it was all done in the classic Parish Hadley mode, with a Russian chandelier over a center table- and hundreds of yards of Cowtan Tout chintz.  The silk velvet sofas were from DeAngelis- with custom embroidered skirts.  The carpet was an Aubusson.  The Barroux model is very luxe comfort- it is 30.5 wide, 42.5 deep, and 34 high, and has down cushions.  Think of it as a sort of easy chair for moguls- and do visit the FPV site, it has a great modern look and feel- the essence of old New York!  ENJOY! DF ***** 


  1. Room by Tice Alexander, Inc.
    Photo courtesy House Beautiful

  2. The fabric we used on the Barroux chairs was "Exotic Column" from Christopher Norman, Inc.


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