Friday, March 15, 2013

Le Style Rothschild - Waddesdon Manor

The Red Drawing Room
I've always, like many people, been fascinated by very grand houses, and lately I've been looking at one of my books called "The Rothschilds at Waddeson Manor".  Recently, James Reginato did a piece on Lord Jacob and his stewardship of this amazing house in Buckinghamshire, England. (Sotheby's Magazine)  
In the colour plate in my book, the damask on the walls of the room above, looks much brighter, and more "red"- here, it appears to be a more rosy shade.  I LOVE the opulence of damask on walls!  Have you ever seen the film called "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" - with Debbie Reynolds?  See it!  Waddeson Manor, built in the late 19th, is the second most visited National Trust property in the U.K. - Lord Jacob de Rothschild recently added a new complex called Windmill House, which will house more of the vast family archives.  Apparently, the Rothschilds built over 44 houses throughout Europe, many in this French Renaissance style, which became known as "Le Gout Rothschild."

The exterior of Waddesdon Manor, shown above, was used in season two of "Downton Abbey" - It was styled after famous chateaux of the Loire in France, on a more modest scale.  I am reminded of the Vanderbilt estate at Asheville, North Carolina, called "Biltmore".  Before WWII, when the family was still using the house as a residence, there were hundreds of servants, including gardeners and stable boys.  Imagine the lifestyle!  A bit daunting no doubt- and difficult to grasp in this day and age.  Enjoy!  DF *****

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