Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cupola House

Billy and I have been working on the design-build of this new 14,000 square foot house for the past two years- located in the up country of South Carolina, we've christened the property "Cupola House" - for obvious reasons- here are a few shots from our last trip up.

The weather was FREEZING, like a damp English winter- and the temps were in the mid twenties...our thin Floridian blood was CHILLED.  Luckily, there were space heaters in the house. 

We used a brick called "Old Jefferson"

The garage, known as the EAST WING, will hold two Jaguars, a Chevy Suburban, and a Rolls-Royce...still waiting for the new doors to be installed.

The house is sitting on five acres... I took a hike to the lower part of the property to get this shot, eventually we plan to have an allee' of magnolias from the upper area down to the valley, with a decorative folly at the bottom.

A shot I took, looking up into the new cupola, before the small army of finish carpenters arrive to add all the gorgeous finishing mill work...

I couldn't get a good front shot of the new structure, since this existing ranch house is blocking the view- soon to be cut in half and moved to a lot in the nearby area...bye bye tear-down!  Stay tuned for future updates- DF *****


  1. Credits for Cupola House:

    Architect, Johnston Design Group
    Builder, Dillard-Jones
    Interior design, Dean Farris

  2. Dear Dean,
    I like the idea of a magnolia allée. What variety do you have in mind?
    The 'roofscape' of the main part of the house looks lovely!

    1. Hello Kirk!
      I am not up on the species, but my client has a degree in landscape architecture! I want to mix magnolia, dogwood, and azalea for the allee...what do you think of this mix?


    2. Hello Dean,
      I was talking with AGA about your idea because I wasn't sure that azaleas would 'fit in' to such a scheme however he tells me that the purpose of the allée is to showcase one type of tree. So if it was me (and wanting to jazz up a traditional idea) I would alternate Magnolia and Dogwood but there are all sorts of types so you would need to make sure they complimented each other. EIther that or only magnolia which I think would make a bold statement when in flower. Pure white magnolia against the green. Hmmm I am getting ideas for our own garden!!

    3. Dear Kirk,

      Thanks so much for the creative input! We were hoping for somewhat "layered" look in the allee, but I can totally see the simplicity of just the magnolias..


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