Saturday, November 17, 2012

Patience and Progress, Naples

Having worked on this residence for over six months now, we're finally getting to install some of the new furniture, and the backgrounds have nearly been completed, as well as the new draperies, and lighting.  I must say, Chachie and Tomas outdid themselves on these new satin pillows we ordered!

Albany sofa by Kreiss, pillow satin by Kravet

That beautiful new carpet, shown above, is through Interiors by Design West, and the colours are silvers, greys, browns, and taupes- which we carried through in the scheme.  Our decorative painter, Leland Brinkman, is shown below, applying a wet coat of plaster and then dragging it with a broom- creating a deep texture.  After the plaster dries, he'll then glaze over it with a special mixture containing shiny glass beads!  It gives a wonderful look when completed.

We also commissioned Leland to add new custom glazed finishes to the Foyer ceiling, and the Dining Room niches and ceiling-shown below- in soft tones of pearl, champagne, and silvery grey. Shown below.

While we're re-designing the entire house, I chose to focus on these rooms today, and below you can see where we have to wait for our new tables- we ordered a pair to sit side by side, from a company called Global Views, which will reinforce the two pairs of chairs that flank the sofa-
Looking forward to showing the completed project!  Enjoy!  DF *****

Pair chairs by Swaim, design by Design West, Inc.
Designers, Glenn Midnet and Dean Farris


  1. All digital photography, Dean Farris

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    1. Win, thanks, always great to hear from you!


  3. This is brilliant! Can't wait to see them finish I love the wall texture. :D Got my eye on your next posts.

  4. Jeane,

    Glad you like it, it is an unusual and very creative solution!



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