Thursday, October 4, 2012

Room of the Week, Atlanta

While researching the Swan House, an Inman family residence, now a house museum, I came across this image of what I assume is the library- the warmth, the classical proportions, and the cohesive interior design appeals to me greatly. Not trendy, but based in a tradition of classicism- this room will never be "dated" as decorators like to say, nor will it ever be called the dernier cri, (the latest thing) or seen on a makeover show on's elegant ambience reminds me of private clubs I've been to, such as the Georgetown M street club, the Old Town Club in Winston-Salem, NC, and the fabulous old New York private clubs...and also the home of Edsel Ford II - in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI which I was exposed to while working with the late New York designer, H. Parkin Saunders, of Saunders and Walsh, Inc. 
This room could be the work of David Richmond Byers, III - a noted Atlanta decorator who also worked on the White House.  If you, dear reader, know who the designer of this "room of the week" was, I'd love to know. Just post a comment below.  Enjoy!  DF *****
David Byers flanked by Julie and Pat Nixon, 1971


  1. I have always understood that Ruby Ross Woods decorated the Swan House. As to this particular room I can't say for sure, nor can I say if it has been altered over the years.

    1. HGB,

      Yes! I had also heard this. Perhaps Mrs. Wood was the designer of this room!



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