Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grey Oaks: Progress Shots

We recovered and refinished these chairs and this settee in Kravet

Looking from Living Room into new Breakfast Room/Solarium

Looking from Family Room into new Breakfast Room/Solarium

Looking from the new addition into the existing Living Room

We've been working away, getting this chic Isla Vista Villa ready for the upcoming Winter Season, here in Naples, where each winter over 135 charity balls and parties are held for various worthy causes. Here, you can see where our contractor, Glen Jenkins, has opened up the former covered lanai area and made it part of the house to be "under air" as we say here in South Florida. Enjoy the weekend, and let's all pray for our lost friends and fellow citizens, my client who owns this villa is flying back to Washington on Sunday, September 11th. I like to think she is helping to make a statement about our freedom, which is something she would do. Be well, and pray for peace! DF *****