Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Remember C Z

I just woke up thinking about the elegant and iconic social beauty, Mrs. Winston "C Z" Guest. I was remembering being at a cocktail party in Southampton, and having the immense pleasure of meeting Mrs. Guest,who died in 2003. I also spent time with her beautiful daughter, Cornelia- who had been, like Brenda Frazier, a "Deb of the Year"... Horses, gardens, houses, family... this was what they were all about. The night I met CZ, she was wearing a magnificent black and white gown, and still had her blonde mane styled like Gloria Vanderbilts, with the famous WASP flip. I'll always remember her as being a warm and formidable woman, very Boston proper, and one who took no prisoners. Here she is late in life, looking elegant and serene. Enjoy! DF *****