Saturday, November 4, 2017

ART: Collage 1970's

Collage and interior design by Dean Farris

I was reading one of my Parish Hadley books, and came across (the late) Harold Simmons mentioning how Albert would often mix modern things with more "traditional" ones- which inspired me to drag this old collage I had done about forty years ago into my living room- !

Harold and I met many years ago, when he invited me to come to the old Lilly Dache' building (no longer there) for an impromptu interview- it was a terribly hot, HOT day, and unfortunately, I was wearing a very dark blue wool suit !  I was also dragging a huge, HUGE black vinyl clad portfolio case full of fabulous over the top Jeremiah Goodman-ish renderings. Luckily, neither Sister nor Albert were there- so they missed seeing me not looking as fresh as I would have preferred.

When my old friend, the designer Thomas (Tom) Pheasant saw the collage I had done back in 1978 or so- he loved it, and said it reminded him of an illustration in W magazine, which was one of his favorites, as he always adored fashion as well as interiors.  I was flattered that he would make such a remark.

Fast forward to today, and lo and behold - I'm now managing a small, smart home furnishings boutique in Naples, called Fabec-Young and Company -  
Fabec was written up in W magazine back in 1993 when the magazine did a large spread on the town of Naples.  I love this shop, and am having a lot of fun working there.  If you decide to visit Naples, please do stop by and see me.  DF *****

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