Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CURATED, 02.28.2017

Brian McCarthy

Jacques Garcia

Joan Rivers

Musee Nissim de Camondo

Dean Farris

Thomas Britt

Jane Selfe

Mario Buatta

Alberto Pinto

Some of my favorite rooms, by some of my favorite friends and fellow decorators... DF *****

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  1. More is more! Bring on more and more and more. Minimalism leaves me cold, and it is a cold look. It's just not welcoming like maximalism, which is a kind of cocooning, enveloping the occupant like a satin comforter. And maximalism is a visual feast. My house is not as de luxe as the above, but it would be if it could be. Thank you for the eye candy.

    1. Dear Cynthia,
      So nice to hear from you! Yes, I agree, however I don't mind a minimal look for say, a beach house- a modernist house, or a chic city penthouse- it's just that I would, like you no doubt, prefer a "modern baroque" like Albert did for the Bronfman's or Frances did in Lake Forest-
      Curated rooms to me are the most lively, personal and interesting of all.
      Thanks for posting a comment!


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