Monday, March 14, 2016

Ready for the Beach? New Book benefits the Naples Historical Society

Available through MP Interiors (239) 498-9074
Robert and Carole Leher did a fantastic job of researching and photographing some of the iconic estates along the Gulf of México, here in sunny Naples...proceeds from sales benefit the Naples Historical Society...

Former Swanson estate, Naples
You may recall I had posted about this house (above) which is included in the new book.  I sent a copy of the book to old friend Thomas Britt, since he had decorated the Swanson house...

From Naples Beach Homes
Artist Paul Arsenault was commissioned to render beautiful images, one of which was used on the cover of the book.  Enjoy!  DF *****


  1. This looks FABULOUS, I cannot wait to read! Do you know I have never been to the Swanson House? Must visit ASAP!!!

    The Glam Pad

    1. Dear Andrea,
      I really enjoyed your post today on the PB house. This Naples house was once owned by Clarke and Elizabeth Swanson, who were introduced by Peter Pulitzer at a luncheon at Taboo on Worth Avenue. The Swanson's now spend most of their time in California where they have a winery, but they still have a small quaint cottage in Naples. No doubt, when Tom Britt's new book comes out in about a year or so we will read more about the Swanson family and the pink house, which is no longer pink. Good news is it is still there, and was built on a parcel where the Sample's old guest house stood. Mr. Sample was the original founder and developer of Port Royal in Naples. It's a fascinating history, and the Kennedy's almost bought a house nearby, before Palm Beach. Come to Naples and I will personally drive you by the old Swanson place, which is barely visible beyond a very high hedge and jungle.


    2. Correction: The stucco is still pink,but the shutters are now white!

  2. This book sounds wonderful Dean. I always love hearing some of the backstories on these historical homes. Andrea's feature on Casa Amado is perfect!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. Andrea,
      This book is listed on Amazon, but I can send one to you if you like, just phone me at 239-498-9074. We're having a presentation by the authors today (second time) and then a book signing and luncheon. I did send a copy to our old KC friend, Tom Britt, as he is focusing on his own book collaboration with Mitch Owens and Rizzoli...