Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One of My Favorite Rooms

Dean Farris Interior Design
I've had such fun arranging my furnishings and accessories in the Moorings apartment I recently moved in to.  It's comforting to have things around that remind us of old friends, family, and personal tastes.  The mock Louis XVI chair with its back towards this camera angle had belonged to the late Holland Salley, one of the first, if not THE first designers to settle in a 1950's era Naples.  He came here in 1953, at the suggestion of Barron Collier, Jr.~ and never left.  The big blue dragon bowl came from Maison Auclair, which was on Fifth Avenue South across from where Hollands business once was.  I thought of sharing this image I took, via my i-phone, which gives some idea of the eclectic and mixed look I've created here.  The Louis XV style chair in the far corner, with the chevron pillow on it, came from the late Albert Hadley~ and is one of my favorite things!  It has a teal and gilt finish, with a cream, gold lame' backed Jack Larsen linen fabric, with Alberts trademark flat tape self trim.  I recently had about 25 people over for drinks in this room, and the crowd flowed out onto the small lanai, where I had a bar set up.  Looking forward to showing more of this apartment soon!  Enjoy! DF *****


  1. Love seeing images of your home - nighttime shots are always the best no? A certain glamour to them.

    1. Stefan,

      Thanks! It's needing some better lighting for the photography!


  2. So lovely and so comfortably furnished, obviously with things that mean so much to you Dean!

    The Arts by Karena New Feature!


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