Sunday, February 9, 2014

Film: A Passage to India

Taj Mahal, Agra
I just saw the 1984 film, A Passage to India, by the late Sir David Lean.  What a fantastic film!  Judy Davis, Victor Banerjee, James Fox, and Dame Peggy Ashcroft gave it their all- doing justice to the 1926 novel by E.M. Forster.  This fabulous film reminded me of the Anglo Indian rage back in New York of the 1980's, remember British Khaki, by Robert Leighton ?  Check out this iconic production- it's a great story about the decline of the British rule in India- with the most amazing cinematography. Enjoy!  Cheers!  DF *****


  1. We both must have picked up A Passage to India on Turner Classic Movies yesterday. For those not aware, Turner Classic Movies is showing "Oscar-winning" movies during February, leading up to the Oscars on Sunday, March 2. I had seen "A Passage" before, but quite some time ago, and it reminded me how much I have enjoyed all of the "Merchant/Ivory" films; my favorite is A Room With a View. The cinematography of the M/I movies is always over the top in style and scope, and show even better on wide screen in the theatre. Perhaps TCM will show "Room" in the next week or so, and I can swoon over that one yet again.

    1. JudyMac,
      Yes! These fabulous films are so timeless, based on classic literature. Did you also see "The Age of Innocence" I thought that was divine. Actors really get to express themselves in these roles. Old E. M. Forster refused Hollywood for many years - feeling, and rightfully so, that the book content would not translate well.
      How sad about dear Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I adored him in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" ! R.I.P. PSH

    2. My preference is to always read the book first, then see the movie. I was finally able to snag the TV schedule for the Oscar-related movies .... unfortunately A Room With a View is not on there, at least for the remainder of February. A head's up, however ....... Sunday, Feb 16, is a day filled with great movies on TCM: Picnic, Lion in Winter, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Place in the Sun, American in Paris, and Streetcar Named Desire. How great a movie day is that!

    3. JudyMac,
      I agree, the book always gives a more authentic perspective.


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