Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Inspirations 2013

The Royal Crescent, Bath, Avon, U.K.
Above, the royal crescent,by John Wood the Younger, this was my home for nearly a year -when I was finishing my decorative arts education, and where I was entertained by Lord Fry, and Peter Hood, who was the last assistant to John Fowler.

The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
Every freezing, damp morning, before dawn, I would be brought an English breakfast, on a tray, in bed...and then be off to catch a bus to Claverton Manor, still before dawn, where I was apprenticing in museum studies with the American Museum in Britain.  It was very cold when I first arrived, and I only mention this since, it's such a HOT Summer this year...DF*****


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  1. Readers, I think I'm still getting over the utter magnificence of Lord Jeremy Fry's masterful townhouse in the RC...DF


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