Sunday, June 23, 2013

Villa Medina, A Beautiful Restoration

2420 Medina Way, West Palm Beach
Recently, I was excited to see that my friend, Bill Eubanks, a top Palm Beach decorator and antiques dealer, had been featured in the new issue of "Florida Design" - and it was the only feature I found of interest, since it was the only one with a very classical point of view...Villa Medina, as his house is known, was built around the same time as the "Pink Palace" in Atlanta, which I had just written about here on DFS.  Mr. Eubanks has done an outstanding job of restoring this house.

The listing agent, Steve Simpson, of Fite Shavell, has also done an excellent presentation for the house- more of what I would have thought the Pinestream Road house in Atlanta would have had- but that is I suppose, not for me to say! As John Tackett, the esteemed architect, has stated, there are many contorted and twisted facts that have to be addressed when listing a property and having it featured on the internet.  I have nothing but admiration for real estate professionals, knowing as I do what they have to deal with these days...

Foyer, William Eubanks Interior Design
Above, the amazingly elegant and classical entrance hall, which was not shown in the Florida Design article.  I've posted about Bill Eubanks before, and have been over to Worth Avenue and met him in his elegant shop there, he's a quiet Southern gentleman - with an exquisite taste level, one that I aspire to emulate- and since I can't put in an offer on his house, the next best thing is to write about it.

Foyer, Belle Meade, Nashville, Massey House
Compare the Villa Medina foyer to this one, above, which had been originally designed by A. Herbert Rodgers, and later by Albert Hadley, for Alyne Massey, in Nashville- this one also has a fireplace, and a similar floor design.

William E. Eubanks Interior Design
Above, classic opulence and comfort, as designed by Mr. Eubanks, all of the hallmarks of his style are shown here, and he has created a refined "shell" in which to hold some of his collections, which I found interesting, since it leaves the buyer room for their own personal taste. 

William E. Eubanks Interior Design

Above, my favorite room, which I believe was created from a porch, or loggia-this is off to the right of the foyer-

Below, this upstairs office was also not shown in the editorial from Florida Design, one can see this and the bedrooms on the listing site under 2420 Medina Way, West Palm Beach.

William E. Eubanks Interior Design
How lovely, and suitable for the climate, to have the french doors opening off of the office- again the shell background has been carried through onto the second floor.  Villa Medina is well priced, at around 2.5 million, again, comparable to the Atlanta house- from my previous post.  Congratulations to Bill Eubanks and his team- this is a job very well done!  Mr. Simpson, his real estate listing agent, can be reached at (561) 262-6263

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  1. Readers, While the FD piece made no mention of the architect for Villa Medina, I am guessing it could be the work of F. Burrall Hoffmann, who designed Vizcaya in Miami. If it was a Mizner, I imagine that would have been mentioned. Any other input would be greatly encouraged!



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