Monday, May 2, 2011

The Pug Villa

I'll get a better shot next time out...

A pretty view is like a melody...

I still remember arriving here in Naples in 1996, and driving along Gulf Shore Boulevard, and admiring the landscaping and the beautiful was so quiet you could hear pine needles dropping. One such elegant waterfront property is the Pug Villa, now on the market...what a charming name to give a holiday house! I felt a connection with the house, as it sits looking quite abandoned in a very romantic way. I also took this snap this morning, of the bay view from my crazy for the glitter of the sun on the water, as in the title of my first novel "Diamonds In The Sun" (Authorhouse) available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is the story of a decorator, who dreams big, and what happens when her dreams come true! Enjoy the day! Dean *****


  1. You wrote a book? How did I not know that important piece of info?? I'm going to order it now on Amazon!

  2. Jennifer,

    it could have used your editorial talents!



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